What style is about?

What is style? Does it have anything to do with trends, luxury, and money? Here I’m going to share my opinion about style in every aspect of our lives, taking into account authenticity, balance and conscious choices.

I would call style as an “extraversion of myself”, which projects our hidden features onto the surface of our lives. It‘s a sort of message, which I wish to show other people in order to get specific feedback. For sure style has an element of “tuning”, but it has a component of honesty as well. We can‘t maintain a specific image for a long period of time if it‘s not compatible with our inner selves. However, it can work in opposite direction as well, as we can influence our inner selves by changing any of our outer elements.

The style is an important component of our lives, which helps:

  • to understand ourselves better, including our current emotional and psychological state;
  • to transfer a specific message about ourselves to other people;
  • to manage our self-perception, by changing elements of style;
  • to adjust other people‘s perception of us.

The style is about:

  • the way we dress;
  • the extent to which our appearance looks well-groomed and healthy;
  • the way we use gestures and a posture;
  • the way we speak – language and tonality;
  • our surrounding and the environment we opt for;
  • material items we consume;
  • the occupation we choose;
  • our level of self-confidence;
  • the boundaries of our private space.

The style is much more than a brand we choose for our next handbag. The style is something we need to develop along with our personal development.  It‘s an aggregated value of who we are and the impression we would like to make on other people (consciously or unconsciously). The style is too important subject to neglect it.

Talking about style, I’m going to share with you tips about my favorite things. Have fun and enjoy!

Zanna Naumova

Photo made by Katrina de Rycke

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