The journey to the new consumerism era in fashion

Consumers change the world, influence industries development and set targets for the future changes. But that was not always like that. It‘s hard to imagine nowadays in a customer-centric world, that we did come from the era of a different paradigm.

The new consumerism era influence all industries including fashion, by forcing it to adapt to the established trends in customer behaviour. We as customers are overloaded with supply and no longer searching for the quantity, instead of that, the quality overtook the prior position. By talking about quality, I mean:

  • customer experience is more important than getting a physical thing;
  • brand loyalty: the customer wants to know what the brand stands for and its values;
  • the maximum value (return on investment);
  • RRR principle (reduce, reuse and recycle);
  • authenticity and personalisation.

However, the paradigm we came from looked pretty much different. As a Millennial, I had a chance to observe the rapid development of the fashion industry within the last 20-25 years. And the truth is that back those days people were striving for the quantity, as demand has been higher than supply. The interesting fact is that the world we live nowadays had experienced a significant impact of Millennials or Generation Y – a generation of the fastest-moving world across all industries. This is a generation which experienced deficit, Global Recession from one hand side and invented high-tech in communication, media, and information technologies from another hand side. Saying this, I mean when we experience limitations, we have much stronger intention to progress as we are highly motivated. The deficit of resources is not a disease, instead of it‘s a driving force to succeed. When we have not enough resources, we learn how to achieve prosperity.

Returning to a fashion world in consumerism era, I‘d like to share with you my story. The story of what I have learned through the limitations, which consumerism era has been famous.

The style and the fashion are my favourite subjects, and this always was like that. Being a young girl, I liked to dream, and I fancied a lot about beautiful dresses, which only princesses wear. I imagined every detail of the dress and how beautifully transforms woman when she wears a lovely dress.

That was a dream, but the reality was different. It‘s worth to remark that Eastern Europe in 80-s/90-s had a lack of supply in the fashion industry and there was not as much variety on the market as it is now. My mom did everything possible to provide to her daughters “some fashion pieces,” which she tailored on her own. I still remember as I was five years old girl, I‘ve got a fantastic new years‘ crisp white dress, which my mom did sew out of her wedding dress, which she did tailor herself in 80-s as well. Yes, my mom has gifted hands and a sophisticated taste, and enormous dedication which as her child, I‘ll always be grateful.

By growing up and transforming into a young woman, I still didn‘t have a lot of possibilities to get a variety of clothes. But I had girlfriends including my sister (a friend at court is better than a penny at purse:) )! We did exchange our clothes on a regular basis, so instead of one wardrobe, we had several.

We learned:

  • how to cooperate;
  • how to follow the trends and get some fashion pieces, which would be compatible with several wardrobes;
  • how to combine clothes and accessories in the way the total look always is fresh, trendy and stylish;
  • how to take care of clothes.

Yes, it was a challenge and a time of limitations, but it was a perfect school to learn how to create a wow-effect out of insufficient resources.

The era of consumerism had run its course, and I see it as a shift into a more balanced and conscious lifestyle direction. It has prepared us to think and reflect on our priorities and set more ambitious targets to achieve. This is how a new consumerism era has been born, where the human is at the focal point, not the industry. I‘m proud of being a part of the progress acceleration process and impatient to look back in 10 years and say, “This is how the new consumerism era has been developed into a …”.

Let‘s make this journey together and influence the world, where the next generation will live. The world of conscious choices, which appreciates an individuality, implements modern technologies to give us more possibilities for being focused on substance instead of solving technical issues.

Join me on this journey and share your comments! Every opinion matters, as we are building the future paradigm together.

Sincerely yours,



Model Zanna Naumova, photo made by Katrina de Rycke
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