Life philosophy

In my twenties, I had a close friend who shared his life philosophy with me, during one of our conversations. “Life is a chain of coincidence”, he said, “sometimes you face fortune, sometimes misfortune – you have absolutely no influence on it”, he continued. I still remember a bitter aftertaste the next day, when I  reflected on our discussion. How much scaring life should be, if we live in a world without rules and fairness and the only law is a coincidence?

Since then I started to dig dipper into Eastern philosophy and especially the law of karma, which helped to clear up the situation. Once it became pretty much obvious, that everything I have in my life now, is a result of my “yesterday‘s thinking”, and everything I‘ll face tomorrow will become a result of my “today‘s thinking”. As thinking is always a predecessor of action, I started to observe a chain of “cause and effect happening”. Realising that, I‘ve understood, that the greater friend and at the same time, an enemy of mine, is myself. There is no way to hide, to lie, to pretend or fight against 3rd parties, there is only one way – to learn.

To learn all life long. To learn our unique lessons and tend to become a better version of oneself.

Schließe mich
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