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Zanna Naumova in Lyon 3/4 dress

Strolling once along the narrow, almost fairytale-like street of Amsterdam, I‘ve stumbled upon a small shop with colourful female apparel. I thought “OMG! That‘s definitely a celebration of feminity!” I look through the vitrine glass, and my eyes jumped from one bright dress to another one. My eyes caught plenty of bright flowers, charismatic patterns, unusual cuts, flared skirts and a pencil dresses with a hood. Despite the courageous celebration of bright colours, I‘ve got an unconscious impression of dignity, fitting style and harmony.  That was definitely an unusual boutique with an exciting name Lien & Giel on the sign-board.

As it was already late, I‘ve decided to pop in the shop the next day and find out myself what hides the mysterious name Lien & Giel. The following day expectation didn‘t disappoint me, I‘ve found a pearl in Amsterdam. The sales lady at Lien & Giel was kind and warmly welcomed us at the cosy shop with the baroque-like interior.

That was my journey on the way to discover one of the independent fashion designers in Amsterdam. Honestly speaking, I will always be surprised by discovering a feminine design and patterns in the era of minimalism, unisex and resurrection of the 80s and 90s fashion styles. That doesn‘t mean I find mentioned styles as not attractive. Instead, relaxed fit, minimalism, monochrome and unisex styles in fashion can say more about the owner of the garment, than thousands of pretentious apparels. However, the feminine clothes will always emphasise the best nature gave to a woman – gentleness, flexibility, plasticity, adaptability, agility, changeability, fullness etc.  In the case of  Lien & Giel style, it deserves attention at least due to the style uniqueness and dignity.

Zanna Naumova and Laval red top

I had a feeling the brand was talking to me in its language, intuitively and gently. As it would say “Hey, Zanna, you are a woman! The woman has the right to be different, to laugh and cry, to be joyful and reserved, to be a puritan and femme fatale at the same time”. Then I thought, why not to dig deeper into the pool of femininity, bright colours and soft fabric.

I have imagined the way I can combine several garments in my own way and found this imagination play pretty inspiring. The eyes of my beloved man looked at me with fascination, which is honestly the greatest pleasure for any woman on the earth.

Zanna Naumova in Santiago Amsterdam Blue dress
Zanna Naumova in Santiago Amsterdam Blue dress

But what exactly is behind this wonderful brand? Who are these people, who created such a fantastic design? This is what Lien & Giel tells about the story of the brand.

How has it started?

Eline and Michiel are from The Netherlands and have known each other from the aviation sector.  After 13 years of exploration around the globe, they decided it was time for a new challenge.  After a few years selling a lot of colourful clothes from different brands, they agreed to set up their own brand: Lien & Giel was born.

Inspiration and Production

The designs and motifs come from the minds of Michiel and Eline themselves. They get a lot of their inspiration from folklore and different handicraft techniques from around the world, past and present. The total product translates itself to colourful, comfortable fashion. The whole production process before the end product is a long road.  A motif is first hand drawn, embroidered, crocheted,  knitted, etc.  With modern techniques, it will then be filed in a rapport so that a final design is created. The used fabrics are pressed in Turkey solely on ecological cotton. The Turkish government has very strict rules when it comes down to certificated ecological cotton.


Lien en Giel consciously decided to manufacture their products in Europe to maintain control on quality and honourable working conditions. There is no connection whatsoever with child labour or similar things. Lien & Giel clothing’s characterises themselves by the multi-use of colours and wearing comfort.  The many different items from Lien & Giel can infinitely be combined with each other.

Shoes and boots come from Lien & Giel own atelier in Istanbul. They are handcrafted, and there are manufactured a maximum of 50 pairs of each design. These products are exclusive and only sold in own Lien & Giel stores located in Amsterdam, the Hague and Groningen in the Netherlands.

The motto of  Lien & Giel is “Colour up your life!”

Why not follow this advice? Especially when it comes to the average Central Europe autumn and winter when a drop of bright colour is really able to colour up the whole life!

I wish you enjoyed reading the story of my personal discovery. I will be hunting further for independent designers, who provide unique style, high quality, fair trade and special energy, which is honestly missing on the mass market.

Follow me on the journey for the independent designers’ hunting!

Stay yourself! Stay unique! Stay individual!

Sincerely yours,



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