How I did find my ideal business travel bag!

I’ve spent years searching for the ideal business travel bag. My head exploded and my heart was torn apart, as seemingly I searched for anything but realistic. I was looking for a bag which would satisfy requirements for both – elegance and functionality. Elegance means, it should look decent and stylish and I should enjoy wearing it. Functionality means I should be able to put inside everything I might require during the traveling.

The minimum viable functional business travel bag has to have a capacity for:

  • makeup kit (the size is rather modest in my case);
  • large purse;
  • sunglasses in sunglasses case;
  • home & car keys;
  • notebook;
  • 13’inch laptop;
  • laptop & iPhone chargers;
  • ID & flight tickets;
  • a few paper documents according to the situation;
  • a small bottle of water.

Which bag did I wear in the past? A decent tote bag, which did perfectly fit any business occasion but not to travel due to its limited capacity. The tote bag was always fully packed and heavy as I would carry several paving stones. Is this familiar situation to any of you?

Let‘s say you have a business meeting and you arrived on time. Nice and polite secretary helps you to find a way to the meeting room and asks whether you prefer to drink spring water, tea or coffee. Then she advises you to feel comfortable and take any available seat … Everything is going perfectly and according to the plan and you self-satisfied start to think that better, it couldn‘t even be. That‘s true … up until the moment when you tuck your hand into a handbag, which reminds you more of compressed wood as there is no free millimeter space between stuff it contains. Then you unload some blocking items in order to reach some documents, a laptop, and a charger. Of course, you can‘t remember in which corner of your handbag you put the right stuff you are desperately searching for, as there is no S E G M E N T A T I O N at all!


I‘ve faced numerous situations like that and thought either I‘m super organized (as I have all that I needed) or super disorganized (as I couldn‘t find the right stuff at the right moment). I wondered, “How on earth, an elegant bag can contain an amount of stuff of almost my working desk?”. It seemed a mission impossible but I kept searching and finally, I found it!

It turned out my ideal bag is actually a backpack. Due to it‘s elegant, sophisticated and simple design it looks in a hand like a handbag. It‘s worth mentioning, that I was always a fan of Tumi as every produced piece either for men or women is elegantly detailed and practically designed. The same refers to Stanton Hettie Backpack as well, which turned into my ideal bag. This backpack is unbelievably compact, though extraordinary plain and has an absolutely clever segmentation inside.

It was a love from the first sight and I believed that  Stanton Hettie Backpack can be used for vacation as well as business trips and undoubtedly would look elegant and fitted to any situation. In fact that even on vacation, it helps to organize your stuff as well. Even though I take less paper stuff, my MacBook is always with me and it takes its designated place in one of the compartments.

I‘m not afraid of experimenting with style and design, but for business-related occasions would always prefer modern, minimalistic and simple style. Due to the fact, that in a business world you‘d rather prefer to surprise your business partner during negotiation with your professionalism and work ethics, rather than with an extravagant look. Wouldn’t you?

What do I love in this leather masterpiece?

Hettie Backpack is crafted in a beautifully textured leather and is well-suited for anytime you want a more pulled-together look. There are 3 compartments with additional segmentation inside and the bigger one includes a padded laptop pocket that fits laptops up to 15 inches (finally, such a relief!).

Apart from that I really love by Tumi the possibility of customization. I can decorate my Tumi with personal initials, which can be engraved on the exchangeable leather pad. I do love this option due to its uniqueness and yet an elegant look. And of course, it‘s worth mentioning that every Tumi bag/handbag/luggage or backpack has its unique number (Tumi tracer), which is worth to register by Tumi to get a chance of finding it in case of lost or even stealing.

Zanna Naumova

Hettie Backpack looks very plain, so you might have a doubt that all mentioned above can be easily transported in it. However, this is the fact.

Zanna Naumova

And I simply love pieces, which can form a partner look… 🙂

Have a journey in style safe and comfortable journey!

And remember that your style says more about you than words.

Yours sincerely,


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