Madelane by Lena Klakina

Since the early years, I was searching for an elegant, beautiful, tranquil, ephemeral and tender embodiment of the femininity in fashion design. The clothing which emphasises female fragility, plasticity, versatility and grace. The fashion which transforms the world in which female stays feminine and therefore…

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The journey to the new consumerism era in fashion

Consumers change the world, influence industries development and set targets for the future changes. But that was not always like that. It‘s hard to imagine nowadays in a customer-centric world, that we did come from the era of a different paradigm. The new consumerism era influence…

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Lien en Giel

Strolling once along the narrow, almost fairytale-like street of Amsterdam, I‘ve stumbled upon a small shop with colourful female apparel. I thought “OMG! That‘s definitely a celebration of feminity!” I look through the vitrine glass, and my eyes jumped from one bright dress to another one.…

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Life philosophy

In my twenties, I had a close friend who shared his life philosophy with me, during one of our conversations. “Life is a chain of coincidence”, he said, “sometimes you face fortune, sometimes misfortune – you have absolutely no influence on it”, he continued. I…

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Balance and Imbalance

Where is a border between wealth and poverty, health and illness, happiness and misery, love and hate? All of these elements are the opposite sides of each other, and once one of them fall into imbalance, activates another one. As we have learned from the…

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