Balance and Imbalance

Where is a border between wealth and poverty, health and illness, happiness and misery, love and hate? All of these elements are the opposite sides of each other, and once one of them fall into imbalance, activates another one.

As we have learned from the basic Physics course, energy potential always tends to form 100%. That’s being called an energy conservation law. Which means whatever is happening in our life, it serves one general purpose – to balance things out. From the first glance, you might consider that life is not fair, as many things happen not in favour of someone, who (according to our opinion) has deserved a better outcome. But once you look deeper into that matter, you will realise, that there is no “good” and “bad” thing in its absolute meaning. There is a “balance” and “imbalance” instead, without any negative or positive quality behind.

If you are in a relationship right now or have been somewhen, what kind of qualities does your ex/partner possess? Are they similar to yours or rather the opposite? Have you ever seen a couple, where one of the partners is generous and is ready to give away everything to help someone who requests help? And at the same time, the second partner is somewhat selfish and ignorant of the needs of others. How on earth, you might ask, these two completely different characters found their way together? If you look more in-depth on that situation, you might see, that both characters possess an extreme value of the same quality, and each of them being alone is an applicant for being imbalanced. Generosity lies on the same axle of character orientation as meanness and is an opposite side of the same as we can see it from the Tab.1. As well first as a second need each other to form a harmony or balance. When the energy is in balance, it keeps functioning further, without realising any positivity as well as negativity behind.

Let‘s return to our couple. Sooner or later one of the partners (or preferably both) will start questioning the success of such a union.  How difficult it should be, being a generous and “ever helping” person to live with someone, who has no idea about helping hand and generosity. How terrible should be being a selfish person, to live with someone, who always is oriented to the needs and requirements of others?

The good news is that nothing is stable, nothing is unshakable in this world. We have a right and a capability to change the situation. And we do not have to start the thankless job, of changing our partner, instead of that, we can improve ourselves. We should always begin with ourselves, as this is the only way to make effective change in life. Starting to gain a few of our partner‘s features (in this case a bit of generosity for instance), we put an undoubted seed of balance into the soil of our relationship. Very soon each of partners would feel an inner necessity to change into an opposite way of behaviour and by doing this to balance oneself and relationship out.

We need each other, as the best way to get the life lesson learned is to be in a close relationship with someone. As much closer connection (parents, spouse, children) between two people is, as more pain and constraints it produces. Life doesn’t ask to love this pain, life shows this as an indicator of a specific problem, which we should correct in ourselves.

That means that anything that happens in life:

  • happens in our favour
  • happens to balance things out

How do you feel now? Realising, that the power to change things is in our own hands!

Take care!

Yours sincerely,


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