Madelane by Lena Klakina

Since the early years, I was searching for an elegant, beautiful, tranquil, ephemeral and tender embodiment of the femininity in fashion design. The clothing which emphasises female fragility, plasticity, versatility and grace. The fashion which transforms the world in which female stays feminine and therefore…

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The journey to the new consumerism era in fashion

Consumers change the world, influence industries development and set targets for the future changes. But that was not always like that. It‘s hard to imagine nowadays in a customer-centric world, that we did come from the era of a different paradigm. The new consumerism era influence…

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Lien en Giel

Strolling once along the narrow, almost fairytale-like street of Amsterdam, I‘ve stumbled upon a small shop with colourful female apparel. I thought “OMG! That‘s definitely a celebration of feminity!” I look through the vitrine glass, and my eyes jumped from one bright dress to another one.…

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5 ways to balance the business trip out

Business trips are in the majority of cases a sort of adventure, which is full of expectations for inspiration, new opportunities, meeting new people and learning smth new. Exciting, isn’t it? My relatives and friends have always been more or less jealous every time I’ve…

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10 ways to stay effortlessly stylish

Many of us are conscious of looking good, and at first glance, it seems to be a straightforward task. For sure in a new consumerism era with sufficient resources, we have enough possibilities to wear a trendy outfit. But a few questions are arising:  Whether a fashionable…

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