Cheeseofpeacecake was founded in 2018 by Zanna Naumova, ambassador of balanced and conscious approach to lifestyle. It‘s a place to share ideas and inspiration about material and non-material values, which shape our being. We do celebrate physical aspects of life as well as our spiritual side and are confident that there is a way to bring these things together in a balanced way without neglecting essential matters or blindly and fanatically following any proclaimed ideology.

Zanna always had an idea to create an honest place, which would accumulate knowledge and experience of balanced, conscious and self-aware approach to lifestyle. An approach which would exclude any radical component, instead of that would stay focused on the ability to listen to our inner voice, respect towards other opinions and openness to discover new horizons.

We stand for a balanced and conscious approach talking about:

  • Individuality and conformity
  • Zest for life and conservatism
  • Femininity and Feminism
  • Appreciation of elegance and functionality
  • Open-mindedness and stereotypes
  • High Tech and Old School
  • Globalisation and introversion
  • Self-discipline and self-indulgence
  • Questioning the status quo and loyalty
  • Authenticity and a role play

and much more …

Wait, but what‘s the strange name – Cheeseofpeacecake? You are right, this is a word-play:). Being inspired by her favorite desert Zanna has created a platform which has a material component (cheesecake) as well as non-material (peace). The dose of “peace” symbolizes a balanced approach, which is a highlight of this project. We decided to combine things we genuinely love and invite you to have a look at various lifestyle aspects from a different perspective.

A few words about Zanna Naumova …

Zanna was born in the beautiful port city Riga, Latvia. After getting her MBM degree and building several years of experience in sales and business development in Latvia, Zanna continued developing her career in Germany and the UK. Thanks to her parents, from the early years Zanna developed an interest in Vedic Philosophy and corresponding reflection about cause and effect relationship in life. By traveling and learning different religions, people, opinions, and lifestyles, step by step Zanna came to an understanding that there is no one absolute truth. Blindly and hard-edged following without reflection any philosophy or modern trend in either nutrition, fitness or lifestyle, people tend to face rather a disharmony and personal frustration at a later stage. Zanna stands for a balanced and conscious approach to lifestyle, ability to listen to oneself, prioritizing and taking weighted decisions.


Photo made by Katrina de Rycke

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