5 ways to balance the business trip out

Business trips are in the majority of cases a sort of adventure, which is full of expectations for inspiration, new opportunities, meeting new people and learning smth new. Exciting, isn’t it? My relatives and friends have always been more or less jealous every time I’ve talked about past and planned business trips all over the world. I’ve heard smth like “your life isn’t boring, is it?”. In fact, it is not, but like everything in this life, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone, who did enjoy the excitement of the business trip, did experience the feeling of being exhausted as well.

Please, stop for a while and think at this point “What I’m doing different during the business trip?”. Almost the same meetings, the same negotiations and conversations, the same thinking and reflecting mode as during your daily office life. In addition to that you visit new places, see new faces, and the perspective you’re looking at this life is getting bigger and bigger. That all is true, with the only one “but” – all of these happens out of your comfort zone, your “familiar and save cave”. 

So, how to balance out a business trip the way it stays the same fruitful for you and not exhausting?

First of all, please remember, that’s all about the energy. The energy level determines our internal batteries lifespan. It’s always about 100% of the content, and when we give some part of it, energy level reduces respectively. How do we give it away? 

  • By talking,
  • By playing a role (in this case professional one),
  • By consuming not right food, within a not right time,
  • By lack of sleep,
  • By staying inactive (walking through the exhibition halls doesn’t count), 
  • By smoking and consuming alcohol
  • By “watching the same movie in our mind” about negotiations, reactions, “to dos” even when we are in a hotel room.

So how can we manage all of these? After several years of business trips experience (a different one), I have compiled a few tips, which might be helpful for you as well:

  1. Plan minimal physical activity.

If your business trip lasts one or two days, it might be easy to manage, easy to compromise on health and wellbeing. In all other circumstances, it’s worth to include minimal physical activity into your schedule. If you have a chance to choose a hotel, then opt for one with a gym and even better with a sauna and a pool, the green area around the hotel for jogging/walking suitable as well. In this case, you have to either wake up in the morning or return to the hotel in the evening EARLIER. If you can’t manage this due to the intense schedule (99% of business people have an intense schedule ), then suggest your business partner/colleague to have a digestive walk after the lunch/dinner. More likely you will receive positive and grateful feedback. You might get surprised, but the majority of business people have the same struggle as you are. 

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2.   Establish a personal relationship with a meal. 

Plan your meal based on the rule of 1 priming + 1main course + 1 side.

Majority of travellers book a hotel with inclusive breakfast, and the majority of events offer lunch breaks in the middle of the business day, with a variety of snacks over the day. All of this usually is available in the form of a sumptuous buffet and lead to a temptation to overeat rather than consume your average amount of meal. In this case, it’s helpful to remember the size of your average breakfast portion and decide which main course will satisfy your taste receptors and leaves your full. Breakfast: I usually do opt for fruits as priming, as it fills my stomach with vitamins and necessary fibre, apart from that it sends a signal to my brain and hunger receptors, that I’m not as hungry anymore.  Then I go for a full grain bread or toast with avocado/cheese/peanut butter or cottage cheese. I do not forget about the sides, which is typically a small number of vegetables. You can vary the size of the portion according to your needs, but in case you will consume your meal in a mentioned sequence, you will not require a lot. The same rules work for lunch (priming is optional) and a dinner. Always remember – the consumed meal will stay with you and will bring you either comfort and energy or discomfort and irritation. We are what we eat. 

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3. Exclude or reduce addictive. 

Just remember – this is not an alcohol or cigarettes, which bind you with other people and help you to get a deal. It’s instead a fresh, healthy and radiant look you’ll have without it. Yes, that’s true, we are radiating energy, and this energy reaches another person before the pronounced word. Health is more attractive than tiredness and illness. The healthy state of body and mind make you a role model, as it‘s a source of confidence and happiness. 

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4. Ensure a refreshing sleep.

It might be somewhat challenging to sleep ones full, but its possible to get at least 6 hours refreshing sleep, which in combination with a bit of activity and a light dinner will ensure your fitness and readiness to take a new day‘ challenge. In case if you can‘t avoid a late night party, try to consume a sufficient amount of still water instead of alcohol (or at least combine those two in a proportion 3:1). Another advice – do not keep the room close to the sunlight, it will help you to wake up at sunrise and optimise your biorhythm work. 

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5. Find time for yourself.

It sounds a bit strange, you might say, as I always have myself. But it is not necessarily the fact. We’ve got used to staying talkative with other people, to “watch a permanent movie” in our minds about our conversations with other people, meetings, deals, fears of possible future failure and much more. This is unconsciously being perceived as “staying on a track”, being actively involved in a job/project/event etc. In reality, it produces somewhat tension and put you under stress, when you do not give yourself a chance to find time for yourself for a while. It can be in the form of meditation or a short walk outside. The most important is to take under control the fear of missing out and switch your mobile phone (or turn the mute mode on)  for these precious 15 minutes. The world will not break apart without you! 

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Please remember that your wellbeing is in your own hands only. There will be no-one to take care of you (of course, if you don’t take your mom with you) except yourself. 

Take care and have a safe journey and a successful business trip!

Yours sincerely,


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