10 ways to stay effortlessly stylish

Many of us are conscious of looking good, and at first glance, it seems to be a straightforward task. For sure in a new consumerism era with sufficient resources, we have enough possibilities to wear a trendy outfit. But a few questions are arising:

  •  Whether a fashionable outfit implicates an excellent looking image?

It can be fashionable, but not necessarily an excellent looking.

  • Whether a variety of affordable supply implicates an easy way of creating an individual image?

With affordable fashion retailers like H&M, Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear, Bershka and many more there are loads of possibilities to look stylish. But the availability of resources doesn‘t implicate achievement of a wished-for result.

Seemingly this is the most obvious way to make a statement. However, the reality is, that it‘s a pretty hard task to stand out from the crowd when you have the same features, values, methods, and targets as a crowd. There always will be someone, who has more possibilities to surprise people on the luxury level.

Individuality and the flair are perfect tools to stay different and stand out from the crowd. No worries, at this stage if you still didn’t decide on your style or you face problems from time to time to choose the right combination of clothes. Some tricks and tips will help you to select a win-win outfit and develop an individual style.

Here I‘d like to introduce to you ten ways, on how to stay effortless stylish:

  1. Combine less and more expensive outfit. It‘s perfectly fine to wear a big brand in combination with affordable one, as it stands for conscious and therefore individual choice. Remeber, even Catherine Dutchess of Cambridge felt free to wear Zara from one hand and Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, Catherine Walker on the other side. It‘s instead weirder to have an outfit, which represents one Luxus brand from tip to toe. That might look like an advertisement rather than a free choice. Of course in case you are not an ambassador of a specific brand.
  2. Choose an accessory you are ready to invest high. Don‘t be confused if you have a limited budget. By this, you will learn faster how to define and set priorities. This quality is priceless, as this would help you to organize the whole life! Honestly speaking, if you have a budget to get a few trendy dresses in the affordable price range or one high-quality handbag of a reputable designer, opt for the second one, and you will always win.
  3. Pay attention to a Basics. Consider investing regularly in your Basics first place, as it should be always of excellent quality without fluffs and bobbling. This rule is essential as a Basics have no accents or distracting elements, the whole garment will be a subject of attention. “Basic” means neutral clothing, which is easy to combine with the more distinctive outfit. The minimum Basic female clothing you might wish to think about includes a plain white tee, ballet flats, an elegant blazer, slip-on sneakers, a striped shirt, black trousers, dark-wash denim (optional skinny), a crisp white blouse or shirt, a little black dress, a black turtleneck, crewneck sweater, a pencil skirt, and a trench coat. Please keep in mind,  investment in a basic outfit will always pay you back.
  4. Be brave to try handmade accessories. Just due to the fact, that handmade is always exceptional and unique. There are plenty of handcrafted masterpieces, which young artists sell on platforms like Etsy and others. The materials differ, it can be wood, glass, textile, etc. Everything depends on the artist‘s creativity and the talent. Wearing handmade accessories could be a right way to show your individuality! A bit of advice: try to avoid gold/silver imitation among affordable brands line. You will more likely invest in a fashion piece, which due to the oxidation will proudly serve you in the next few weeks only.
  5. Invest in Classic vs. Super trendy outfit 70:30 rule. For sure you follow the trends and have a passion for keeping on track in the fashion world. That might lead to investing in super trendy clothing, which will serve your need one or two seasons only. From another hand side, an elegant and a high-quality fashion piece in a classical style can stay in your wardrobe for the next few years. Indeed, that‘s what happens to me as well. I have some of my classic outfit pieces, which I wear really for ages. Just follow the rule 70% classic vs. 30% trendy fashion pieces.
  6. Color choice Monochrome vs. Pattern 70:30 rule. Trends are not constant. Patterns and styles go away with trends, however, monochrome remains always actual. At any point of the time, you‘ll be able to combine monochrome clothing with a variety of patterns. Please consider investing 70% in monochrome fashion pieces as a more consistent one.
  7. Choose the right size & Chose a relaxed fit wisely. There is nothing weirder in the outfit than clothing of inappropriate size. Whereinsoever direction actual imbalance is – oversize or too tight, the most definitely it will look like you did put on or lost your weight, but didn‘t have time yet to change your wardrobe. Of course, there are some exceptions with oversize clothing:- if you prefer a relaxed fit outfit, then choose one still in your regular size;
    – if you are well-shaped or slim, to emphasize your delicacy choose somewhat exaggerated oversize;
    – if you are a plus-size, be extra careful with an oversized outfit, as it won‘t hide unwanted elements of your figure. Instead, it might create an opposite effect of additional volume.
  8. Think about a detail which might turn into your brand. Sure, it‘s an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. I love big rings, which I wear as the only accessory on my hands. Can it be considered as a branded feature? Why not? There is only one rule – it should be appropriate and correspond with the rest of your image. Once, I‘ve met a lady, who did choose a pink scarf as her brand. If you can imagine a bright pink scarf, you might think of it in correlation with rather an extravagant image of an adult person. The lady was in contrary, of a very neutral appearance with a grey hair modestly made in a ponytail, flat shoes, relaxed fit black trousers and a blouse. Each mentioned element for sure has the right to exist on its own, however, in combination, it has created not the impression the lady wanted to create.
  9. Ask your man/boyfriend to chose your next piece of fashion. As I‘ve mentioned already, the most honest feedback about your appearance you can get from the man only. Preferably your boyfriend or husband. He is motivated to be next to the most beautiful women on the earth. He wants to see his lady like a queen. Even if his opinion doesn‘t match yours, you‘ll get a hint about the direction to think about. Let‘s say if you fixed your style to the relaxed and sporty outfit predominantly, you might get surprised to hear from your beloved one, that he might want to see you wearing a pencil or flared dress.
  10. Make sure whatever outfit you‘ve chosen it‘s appropriate to the situation. Try to avoid impulsive shopping, as you might end up in the situation when the clothes are cute itself but doesn‘t fit your lifestyle. Think carefully about the circumstances you will wear the outfit, what kind of people you are going to approach (occupation, social status, age, etc.). Your image shall stay neutral if you prefer to emphasize the subject of conversation, which usually happens in a business environment. You can allow yourself to be extravagant if you are a part of the creative industry or if you have a private meeting.

Hope this is helpful for you! Give me your feedback if you have additional question or feel free to share your opinion.

Sincerely yours,



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