10 reasons why Trier is the best place to live in Germany

Writing about traveling and different places, I couldn‘t leave the place I reside without attention. I moved to Trier from London, a year ago and believe this is the best place to live in Germany (I‘m really picky in this matter). Originally the decision to settle in Trier was taken intuitively and later on I discovered plenty of rational reasons, why Trier is the best place to live in Germany. Here I‘d like to introduce 10 of them.

  1. Moselle river valley. It provides a really stunning view! If you experience this once, you‘ll love it forever! Trier is a city in Germany, located on the banks of Moselle river. Due to the beauty of its river-valley, Moselle is one of the most popular places in Germany for hiking, cycling, canoeing, recreation and of course wine tasting during spring/summer seasons. Here you can get a spring tap water and enjoy the fresh air. This is a perfect place for “slow down mode” in combination with all advantages of modern civilization.
  2. The oldest city in Germany. Trier is considered to be the oldest city in Germany and it‘s really possible to find ancient artifacts almost on every corner (History lessons at schools should be rather challenging for the pupils). Founded by the Celts in the late-4th century BC as Treuorum, it was later conquered by the Romans in the late-1st century BC and renamed Trevorum or Augusta Treverorum. The city with such an old history has really powerful energy, which has been accumulating within centuries. Walking down the streets here in Trier, I feel myself being privileged to follow the same routes as ancient Romans did.
  3. UNESCO World Heritage sites. It worth mentioning that there are numerous of UNESCO World Heritage sites here in Trier, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Among them are the following: Porta Nigra, Trierer Dom, Konstantin basilica, Kaiserthermen, Amphitheater, Barbarathermen, Römerbrücke, Thermen am Viehmarkt, Mariensäule, Kurfürstliches Palais, and Karl-Marx-House. I do love my regular shopping tour here in Trier downtown, as it has not a practical component only but a great deal of aesthetics as well.
  4. International environment. Due to the location on the border of Luxembourg, Trier is a favorite place for those who work in Luxembourg but resides here in Trier. Real estate prices are much lower in Trier and yet the quality of life is not much different from Luxembourg. In comparison to some other cities in Germany, Trier remains open and “language friendly” to international visitors, which means the majority of people can speak the English language.
  5. The University of Trier. Trier is considered to be a “University City” as it‘s a home of the famous University of Trier (the first version aka “old University” has been built in 1473). It‘s a large coeducational non-profit public higher education institution in Germany, which attracts students from all over the world. Apart from the multinational effect, it significantly reduces the median population age in the city and area. For those who live here, it creates a balanced, open-minded, vivid and agile surrounding, which is especially important for a younger generation.
  6. Luxembourg International Airport. The closest international airport is located in Luxembourg and it is really easily accessible within a half an hour driving by car. LUX (the home of LUXAIR airline) offers a variety of destinations to fly to for quite a moderate price. It‘s a half an hour flight to Frankfurt am Main, which is considered as a significant international hub for businesses and travelers from all over the world.  
  7. Shopping possibility on Sundays. Please do not misunderstand me at this point, as all shops in Trier are still closed on Sundays. But … as I‘ve mentioned already, Luxembourg is almost around the corner. In comparison to Germany, shops are open 7 days/week in Luxembourg, which is a great bonus for those living in Trier. Due to the fact that Germany still sticks to the traditional 6 days/week opened shops legislation (for instance the UK has changed it with a “The Sunday Trading Act ” in 1994), the proximity to Luxembourg provides additional chance to get a high-quality shopping on Sundays. And if you‘d like to know my personal opinion – it‘s an unbelievable advantage! The closest shopping mall is Match Copal Mertert-Wasserbillig, where I always can get some fresh fish or king prawns for the Sunday family dinner.
  8. Sits alongside France and Luxembourg. Weekend in Metz? Afternoon in Luxembourg City on the Place d’Armes? No problem! Both countries are easily reachable within about 40 – 60 min driving by car. That‘s really super nice to have such a variety of choices and commuting flexibility between 3 countries. It‘s a significant advantage for travel buggers the same as I am, who can’t sit still, but rather enjoy traveling and touching a base with different cultures and getting new experiences. Life is really much more interesting in this case!
  9. Affordable fuel. Once again, please do not misunderstand me at this point. Fuel price in Trier is on the same level as all over the Germany (sometimes I use fuel price calculator www.clever-tanken.de to refuel my car if I‘m traveling all over Germany), but … there is Luxembourg almost around the corner :). Fuel price in Luxembourg is significantly cheaper than in Germany (here you can find some statistical data www.fuel-prices-europe.info). Taking into consideration quite high fuel consumption in Germany, due to its scale and average commuting demand, all in all, fuel expenses here are pretty high. This point matters for those, who drive a car (in average there are 2 cars per household in Germany) and can be considered as a useful trick to save some money.
  10. Trier Wine Culture Trail. When you say Moselle vineyards, you mean Riesling. When you say Riesling, you mean the Moselle. It‘s absolutely the perfect location for wine degustation and especially local Riesling, which is being considered as one of the best Rieslings all over Germany. Trier‘s vineyards provide an absolutely stunning view, due to its hilly landscape and picturesque canvas. I can walk up and down vineyard hills for hours and hours (if only I could have this time available), which turns into a meditation for me.

Just try once and you will fall in love with this beauty forever!

Please do not hesitate to comment and share your personal point of view, if you‘ve ever visited Trier or wish to!

Good luck to you and take care!

Yours sincerely,


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